I’ve shot near a thousand high performance boats and yachts in my career with hours of flight time in various helicopters. I often get asked for ride alongs or insights on what its like to be in the cockpit of a helicopter chasing fast-moving water crafts worth, at times, a couple million dollars. Its an expensive proposition; shooting powerboats. Helicopters are expensive when you have to rent them by the hour. I’ve shot out of R-22s, R-44s and Bell Jet Rangers. While I spend most of my time in R-44’s I do enjoy the ultimate stability of a heavier craft like a Bell Jet Ranger. Which brings me to an insight on aerial photography.
Shooting from the air can be fun but it is serious work. For one it can be dangerous. Seat-belts are required. Secondly its actual work, which cannot be over looked. But finally, it does require a certain skill-set. I’ve shot for different clients, like Florida Powerboat Club, Taylor Publishing and Poker Runs America to name a few. Despite the amount of flight and the amount of crafts and buildings I have shot, for either photography or video, some things never change. Its always intense and one person on the helicopter always feels the effects of the excessive g-force impacting their bodies by the end of the flight. Well here is a short video to take you along for the ride.