Models of the Miami Boat Show

Models on a high performance boat during the Miami Boat Show

Models on the high performance Batboat during the Miami Boat Show Including international model Mirell Victoria from Denmark.

Christian Meighan Working with Mirell Victoria

Christian Meighan working with Mirell Victoria during the Miami Poker Run photoshoot

Events like the Miami Boat Show are a hub for manufacturers of all sorts of gadgets as well as promoters of services. Nothing grabs the attention more than stunning models. Add the mix of often beautiful women joining their significant others on these adventures of leisure and you can see quickly that there are no shortage of stunning women in attendance. The following images are an assembly of all the professional models and women photographed by BriteSide Studio during the Miami Boat Show and associated Poker Runs. The highest profile model in attendance was Merill Victoria of Norway. Having graced the pages of many magazines, billboards and other promotional mediums, she was in attendance at the 2011 Miami Boat Show. Its always a pleasure working with professional models and working with Mirell was a reminder of why professional models will continue to be highly sought after.

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